Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bohain and Matisse

Bohain is the first place where my dad lived when he arrived in France. It is situated at about 15 km from Fresnoy.

As with other villages in the area, there was a lot of textile manufacturing there.

The famous painter Henri Matisse's grandparents were weavers from the area. Henri Matisse was born in Le Cateau-Cambresis, not far from Bohain and the Belgium border. He grew up in Bohain. His parents had a grain/seeds shop that also sold house paints. Matisse was probably first interested by the colors his mother mixed for custom orders. His mother also gave him a set of art supplies when he was recovering from appendicitis and that's when he started drawing. She used to paint on vases herself and was an inspiration to Henri.

Today, you can visit the home where he grew up in Bohain. It was restored and there is even a color room with educational activities. There are also some grain machines. You can take a guided tour, get some refreshment in the café, buy souvenirs.

That home is situated in the same street as the home of some of my cousins!

Information and reservation :
Maison familiale d'Henri Matisse
26, rue du Château
Phone : 09 64 43 84 63
E-mail :

Matisse's childhood home, then

Matisse's childhood home, now

You've probably heard of something funny that happened, concerning his painting "La Danse" ("The Dance").

Apparently, when the Rio 2016 Olympic Games' logo was revealed, some people noticed that it looked like the Telluride Foundation logo.

It turns out, the foundation borrowed it from Matisse... See the resemblances below:

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